Considering the topics I’m researching for my novel series, I was curious about how many of us believe in things like life after death, ghosts, and reincarnation. So I checked it out and was a little surprised at what I found out!

Apparently, more people believe in heaven (8 out of 10) than belief in an afterlife (7 out of 10). Makes me wonder what they think heaven is.

One in five Americans believe in reincarnation, while only 2% believe they become ghosts. 

About 65% of Americans believe in the supernatural in general.

More people are interested in knowing what happens after death (48%) than in the meaning life (45%)! Now that’s interesting! 

More people feel prepared for death (43%) than for retirement (41%). 

According to another poll, about 45% of people believe ghosts are real, and only about 30% would be willing to live in a haunted house. How about you? Would you live in a haunted house?


My Sources:

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How Many People Believe in Ghosts or Dead Spirits?