by Lisa Lightman

So, I know most people are afraid of things like spiders and snakes and mud oh my, but my list is more… I dunno, you’ll have to figure that out for yourselves. Here it goes.

#1. Religion absolutely terrifies me. People participate in the most heinous atrocities in the name of their religion. And feel completely justified. Seriously, if you look at every horrible thing that has ever happened in history, I guarantee that there is religion at the center.

#2. Stupid people in power. Seriously, you don’t have to be good at science to know it is real. You certainly don’t have to be a super genius to sit in positions of authority, but at least know enough to know you don’t know everything and surround yourself with intelligent people, then LISTEN TO THEM!

#3. Women that don’t support women’s rights. Does this make sense to ANYONE?

#4. Okay, here is one that sits more on the traditional side of things—evil spirits. Okay, so while I am not religious and don’t view spirits as truly good and evil, the idea that an incorporeal being can control me or cause me harm with little I can do about it is more than a little disturbing. For the record, I don’t watch such movies. They just freaking creep me out.

#5. Being under anyone’s control. Yes, I have control issues. But only itty bitty teeny tiny ones.

#6. Heartache. Broken bits that never heal. Pain that incapacitates beyond anything physical. Break my legs, just don’t touch my heart.

#7. Wildfires. I live in an area where they are prevalent. I grew up in an area where tornadoes are the big thing, and they never scared me like wildfires do. Nature is so incredibly powerful. Humans need more respect, reverence.

#8. Heights. In as much as it is the fall that scares me. Not the sudden stop at the bottom. If the height is enough, that’s not really gonna feel like much of anything. But that inability to breathe, your guts flying into your throat, and that total lack of control; can’t stop, can’t do anything. Just fall. I hate falling.

#9. Watching my kids go through shit I can’t protect them from. I imagine this one rings true for any parent worth their salt.

#10. Telling people things that will hurt them. I really, REALLY fucking HATE hurting people.  The world is hateful enough without adding to it. It is occasionally necessary. Doesn’t make it easier.

I opened the door, so come on now. Share. What’s your greatest fear?