Sharon Love is in her early-60s, a horticulturist (has worked for local plant nursery and Dept of Agriculture); recently widowed–She and her husband were driving home one night when the bridge they were crossing collapsed. He was killed, she was in a coma for a few months, but survived.  Now she’s trying to redefine herself and her life in every category from career to how to express her sexuality in view of her age and the times in which she finds herself. 

All of this is complicated by the fact that since she woke from her coma, she can see and talk to ghosts, including her aunt (who still considers herself to be desirable, available and quite seductive–in spite of being dead); one of her former students who was killed in a school shooting; a stranger in a perpetual cranky mood due to having quit smoking just prior to dying (in fact, quitting was the cause of death–figure that one out); a match-maker ghost who insists that Sharon be her physical surrogate in matching up couples and is always trying to sneak someone in there for Sharon, as well; a ghost who doesn’t believe in ghosts and therefore refuses to accept that he’s died; and a variety of others. One who is conspicuously absent is her mother, whom she would especially like to talk to, but she never shows up, and Sharon doesn’t know where to look for her.

As though she needs more complication in her life, she has recently inherited her uncle’s estate—a hunting lodge which is the nexus of strange goings-on which are the direct result of Two Chiefs’ mysterious past and the boiling pot for its terrifying future. And there sits Sharon, in the middle of it all. Sharin’ love.