Passion kills. Mikayla Adams knows. Which is why unexciting, dependable Randy Waite will be the perfect husband for her. But the discovery that someone’s sabotaging everything she holds dear has Mikayla struggling with every belief that holds her world together. She’s losing everything—her successful printing business, her fiance, maybe even her life. 

Sheriff Dallas RunningWolf’s counterfeiting investigation leads straight to Mikayla’s front counter, but it isn’t Mikayla he suspects. It’s her fiance he’s zeroed his scopes down on without twitching an eyelid. That puts Dallas in a precarious position since his heart’s been hanging on his sleeve like a shingle from his first glimpse of her. 

And Randy?  Well, Randy’s right where he schemed to be—ready to carry out a long, drawn-out punishment to satisfy a long, drawn-out grudge, and no one suspects a thing, especially Mikayla.  Problem is, how can he destroy her now that he loves her? That conflict cracks his schizophrenic mind wide open and lets ugly things fall out. Murderous things.