Enjoy our Sudoku puzzle book series—LARGE PRINT to prevent eye strain! 100 puzzles in every volume! Your brain’s daily FUN workout in a portable format so you can take it with you!

Studies have shown that simple logical puzzles are extremely beneficial in terms of keeping your mind active and sharp. Puzzles are particularly good for elderly people and may help slow those debilitating illnesses that do so much harm to our minds. 

But it’s not just the elderly who would do well to pick up a puzzle book. Simple puzzles and games can be of great benefit to all of us, whether we’re looking to improve our memory, pass the time in a constructive way, or generally keep our minds sharp and ticking—and possibly add a couple of IQ points in the process! Studies have shown that the brain needs regular training to stay fit and healthy, and the benefits of giving yourself regular stimulation from logic puzzles include better memory, increased concentration, and even better mental and physical health. 

So Order Volume 1 of our new Sudoku series and get started exercising your brain now!

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